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  • agricultural machinery v-belt

    Contact Nowagricultural machinery v-beltAgricultural machinery v-belt is a v-belt group composed of several same same v-belt,stable transmission, suitable for large-scale combine harvesterRead More

  • DIN2215 Variable Speed Raw Edge Cogged V-belt For Agricultural Use

    Contact NowDIN2215 Variable Speed Raw Edge Cogged V-belt For Agricultural UseVARIABLE SPEED RAW EDGE V-BELTS FOR AGRICULTURAL USE Variable Speed Belts for Agricultural Machines - Harvest Is Easy! - Profitable performance/price ratio - Reinforced fiber loaded compound together with special polyester or aramid cord tension members guarantee long endurance at heavy loads -...Read More

  • types of timing belts PU Timing Belt

    Contact Nowtypes of timing belts PU Timing BeltPU Timing Belt Mechanical Property - Stable Dimension - Low Pull Force - Small Noise - Wear Out Resistance - Excellent Elasticity - Precise Line - Max.Linear Speed can reach 80M/s. Chemical Property - Anti Aging - Anti Hydrolyze - Anti UVA - Anti-Ozone - Environment Temperature -30 ℃ to +80 ℃...Read More

  • DIN2215 Automotive Raw Edge Cogged V-belt

    Contact NowDIN2215 Automotive Raw Edge Cogged V-beltAUTOMOTIVE RAW EDGE V-BELTS Profesional Service Free V-Belt for Your Car! - Top performance/price ratio - Extra Long life - Service Free - Suitable for small diameter pulley - Suitable for high revolutions and powers - The newest high quality materials - Precise manufacturing on computer driven...Read More

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