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The development of the product 

As the main part of the tape strength choose polymer polyester steel brown wire overall solid core structure of untwisted,the world's first

3D profile

Product force uniform, not loose, don't run long, flexible, high intensity, high adhesion

Real profile

The development of the product material

Cotton fabric
Chemical fiber fabric
Polyester cord
Polyester steel brown wire

   On November 22, 2010, polyester steel brown wire skeleton materials by the appraisal committee of experts: with polyester steel brown wire as the skeleton material for the belt and the traditional hard polyester cord, rope, aramid fiber rope structure skeleton materials such as belt, service life is increased 5 to 10 times, belong to the international leading level. Special belt core belt can effectively solve the high load heavy ordinary belt to replace frequent problems in power transmission system, is heavy industry around the world.

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