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Variabl Speed V-Belt

Hangzhou Grand Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 24, 2016

Variabl Speed V-Belt

Model NO.:W16/W20/W25/W31.5/W40Material:Rubber
Angle:40Usage:Transmission Chain
Color:Solid ColorTrademark:

KML Industry Belts serious include:

Timing belt
Double sided timing belt
Wrapped V-belt
Raw edge V-belt
Variable speed V-belt
Banded V-belt
Ribbed belt
Flat V-belt
Variable Speed V-Belt                                                                                                                      
Variable Speed V-Belt uses high strength and heat sensitive tension members or aramid fiber the belt runs efficiently along with the change of drive speed even under critical conditions like big shocks and high temperature, special suited for motorcycle, industrial machine, agriculture machine.

Variabl Speed V-Belt

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