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Seven Water Pump Failure Of Common Sense

Hangzhou Grand Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 17, 2015

First thing should be seizing power supply status: joint countersignature is solid; Shanghai pump switch contact is urgent; wire is blown off; whether the lack of a three-phase power supply and so on. If open circuit, poor contact, power wire fuse, phase, and should check the clear end is implemented as early as possible to repair. Second Arrest whether the pump itself mechanical failure, a common terminus are: packing too tight or between the impeller and the pump is debris stuck and congestion; shaft, bearings, reduce the drain ring rusted; severe buckling shaft . Discarding way: relax filler, clear Pumping groove; dismantling the pump to remove the net to make debris, rust; remove the shaft proofreading or Gaiyi new shaft. 2, heat pumps Duanyou: Bearing destruction; Gulu bearing or bracket cover the gap is too small; shaft buckling or two axes are not the same heart; tape too tight; the lack of oil or oil quality is very bad; balancing holes on the impeller congestion, miss balanced impeller, increasing the child thrust to the side. Discarding way: Gaiyi bearings; removed the back cover, between the bracket and the bearing installation gasket; shaft or debugging concerted investigation of the two axes; loosen the tape proper tightness; filling clean butter, butter accounting for about 60 hundred percent Kulongyaner bearing; remove the net to make balanced hole congestion thereof. 3. This is because the flow is not sufficient: the power or speed is not composed of a belt Chuliu make low speed; axial flow blade mounting angle is too small; lift not enough, the pipe line is too long or a 90-degree angle bends; Suction bias

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