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Sales Industrial Machine Use Rubber Wrapped V Belt

Hangzhou Grand Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 23, 2016

Sales Industrial Machine Use Rubber Wrapped V Belt

Model NO.:AX34Type:Timing Belt
Feature:Wear-resistant, Heat-resistantRubber:Cr
Origin:ChinaHS Code:40103900

Sales industrial use rubber wrappend v belt.


The transmission of synchronous belt is a new transmission mode and transmits the dynamic torce by the meshing of the belt teeth and pulley, lt combines respective advantages of gear transmission, chain tramission and transmission.

Lt may solve the problems such as low transmission efficiency and lubrication oil required under the status of high speed when suing the chain, distance limit between the drive part and the slave drive part when using the gear.
Glass fiber as tensile member. No elongation of rubber belt.
Excellent heat-resistance, oil-proof, and wearing resistance
Higher transmission efficiency can be guaranteed under the condittion of large change of peration speed and temperature.
Lts performance can be exerted stably and safely during the process of high-speed rotation.

Design and function
A V-belt consists essentially of:
A) Synthetic rubber base body
B) Tension member bed
C) Polyester tension members
D) Backing fabric

With V-belts, power is transmitted via the static friction on the flanks. They can transmit significantly higher torques than flat belts with the same space requirement. The higher friction on the belt flanks means that the loads on the bearings are substantially lower.
The main field of application is in simple two or three-pulley drives.

No. Name Function Material
1 Top Rubber Protect the linling tensile member CR HNBR
2 Tensile Member Core material to pass the dynamic force Glass Filber
3 Teeth Rubber Protect the tensile member and maintain the shape of the rubber CR HNBR
4 Teeth Fabric Maintain the shape of the adhesive Elastic Fabric

Sales Industrial Machine Use Rubber Wrapped V Belt

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