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Rubber Prices Cambodia Hope Don't Give Up

Hangzhou Grand Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 18, 2016

      On October 27, foreign media reported, Cambodia, agriculture, forestry and fisheries administration of rubber bousso recently said, at present, the international price of rubber has recovered, every tons of price rise to $1200 ~ $1500 / ton, compared with the beginning of 2015 increased by 25% ~ 30%. In light of the recent international rubber market will turn good, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia production, planting, Cambodia, forestry and fisheries wants its investors and rubber farmers firm faith, don't give up easily rubber plantations.

      Bousso palmer said, at present, the rubber market has improved, drive the Cambodian rubber export growth, mainly because of the international major producer of rubber, such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia have been cut, and to switch to other crops.

     Cambodian rubber, he said, all for export, domestic rubber processing plants, rubber processing plants, if domestic investment will provide employment opportunities for people in Cambodia, also reduce reliance on exports at the same time, reduce the affected by the international price of rubber.

      We have learned, in Cambodia in 2015 ~ 2025, under the impetus of the industrial development policy in Cambodia in 2015 export more than 120000 tons of natural rubber, natural rubber plans to export 150000 tons in 2016.

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