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Production Glue Countries Fell Sharply, Natural Rubber Continues To Rise In Price

Hangzhou Grand Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 15, 2016

       Recently, the natural rubber prices continue to rise.Futures market, Shanghai rubber main contract yesterday surged 3.57%, to 20310 yuan/ton, has rallied more than 40% since early November.Holdings also remain at close to 300000 highs. The spot price also strong.

       Natural rubber this round of price increases, the first  reason is the major producer of production cuts. According to data entered,In November, flooding in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and other southeast Asian production glue countries plunged, and 12 month amount and will have seasonal production, so the supply side bring rubber prices strong support.Then, the demand side, the downstream tire starts is very good, much higher than last year, demand for natural rubber remain high.

        Looking after the stock marketsupply side producing will stop cutting, demand off-season not weak, and technology, Shanghai rubber technology form walk good, even if the commodity volatility during Shanghai rubber rose form has not been destroyed, so the natural rubber rally will continue, for the domestic rubber manufacturer, the concept of investment opportunities to grasp.

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