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PH, Pj, Pk, Pl, Pm Rubber V-Ribbed Belt

Hangzhou Grand Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 23, 2016

PH, Pj, Pk, Pl, Pm Rubber V-Ribbed Belt

Model NO.:PH, PJ, PK, PL, PM Rubber V-Ribbed BeltMaterial:Rubber
Structure (For Chain):Roller ChainUsage:Transportation Chain, Drag Chain, Transmission Chain, Dedicated Special Chain
Origin:ChinaHS Code:848390000

Product Description

        Our PH, PJ, PK, PL, PM Rubber V-Ribbed Belt has soft and tough property as flat belt and tight and effective property as V belt.

Transmission power so high that at the same condition its 30% higher than common V belts.

With tight transmission system, at the same transmission power, its occupied space is 25% smaller than common V belt.

Flat and soft belt is suitable not only for transmission of small pulley but also for high-speed transmission with speed of 40m/s, Besides its characteristics as slight vibration, few heat diverge and steady working.
Anti-heat, anti-oil, anti-wearing out few elongation and long life.

V-Ribbed Belt use of raw materials
Chloroprene rubberV-Ribbed Belt has certain cold and heat resistance, not only can be good resistance flexor flexible, anti-aging and the aging of ozone-resistant than ordinary unsaturated rubber good, but its a good oil resistance, solvent resistance and chemical stability, by adding short fiber reinforcement can withstand higher lateral pressure, wedge pressure with increasing performance, reducing stress after deformation.

EPDMV-Ribbed Belt in anti-aging particularly anti-aging and ozone resistance climate, more sexual heat aging fine, but its electric insulation properties, corrosion-resistant chemical, elastic shock better (at low temperature flexibility to maintain good performance).
PH Rubber V-Ribbed Belt
PJ Rubber V-Ribbed Belt
PK Rubber V-Ribbed Belt
PL Rubber V-Ribbed Belt
PM Rubber V-Ribbed Belt

PH, Pj, Pk, Pl, Pm Rubber V-Ribbed Belt

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