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No Negative Pressure Water Equipment Four Technical

Hangzhou Grand Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 17, 2015

No negative pressure water device is a pressurized municipal water supply network connection, a residual pressure in the municipal pipe network overlying water supply based on tandem and ensure direct municipal pipe network pressure is not lower than the set pressure to protect the water supply unit (which may be relative pressure 0 pressure, pressure is called negative pressure is less than 0) of the second pressurized water supply equipment.

One: Exclusive eliminate the negative pressure technology of double insurance;

The elimination of the negative pressure in the original technology based on work by a negative suppressors, control the negative pressure generated on this basis, has added a negative pressure to eliminate the emergency intake unidirectional channels; two kinds of functions eliminate the negative pressure When the suppressor can not completely eliminate the negative pressure or fails, the other one to eliminate the negative pressure of the intake passage immediately open emergency, 100% totally eliminate the negative pressure generation.

II: Exclusive anhydrous detect dual protection;

When the municipal pipe network without water, the steady stream of falling water tank level sensor detects the absolute signal, the signal immediately to the secondary drive negative pressure water equipment, let the pump to stop working, to protect the pump, to prevent motor burned, when the pump automatically restore water runoff. The second protection: When the level sensor failure, the non-negative steady flow tank below the electrical contacts to work; when the gauge detects the pump inlet pressure drop set pressure; pressure signal back to the drive, so that the pump Now down to work until shutdown to prevent motor burnout to protect the pump, the pump automatically resume when runoff water.

Three: Exclusive pump outlet elbow runner without scarring techniques:

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