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No High-rise In The Use Of Negative Pressure Water Equipment

Hangzhou Grand Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 17, 2015

Due to the high level of development in real estate development, as well as requests for water quality and water system reliability and progress. Coupled with the current energy shortage, the use of advanced automation control technology and communications skills. The adoption of high-performance, high-energy, high environmental protection, can adapt to different areas of negative pressure water equipment has become an inevitable trend

Secondary water users of water when the water pipe network flow increases or pressure decreases, no negative pressure inside the tank water level will gradually decline, when the water level drops below a certain value vacuum compensation automatically open, turning the atmosphere, no vacuum tank body , pumps extract water tank body. When water users large and small amount of water or tap water supply pipe, the pressure tank level controller on the control of the pump to stop or start.

No negative pressure tank due to the vacuum compensator, inside the tank under all operating conditions remain positive pressure, avoiding direct extraction pump water pipe network of water, protection of the pump, to avoid the user of water. It is mainly achieved by the following procedure: When the water continuously into the tank, with the water level rising, the air inside the tank vacuum compensator automatically discharged. When the water level rises to a certain level, the vacuum compensation

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