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Lay The Lean Management Based Intelligent Towards The Road Of Development

Hangzhou Grand Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 21, 2016
China rubber industry association of China rubber magazine sponsored by the "lean manufacturing tire and rubber industry summit on the theme of intelligent development and 2016 year China tire enterprises ranked conference" was held in Guiyang on August 17 ~ 19. From the tires, the tire and rubber products, carbon black (white carbon black), rubber additives and skeleton materials, rubber products, such as machinery and mold enterprises, as well as colleges and universities, etc. More than 150 people attended the summit. China rubber industry association Deng Yali for speech, honorary President of Fan Rende made on the rubber industry lean management and the thinking of intelligent manufacturing keynote report, secretary general Xu Wenying presided over the meeting in the morning. Deng Yali said in his speech, the current development of rubber industry in China is under the influence of trend of the world economy, is a profound adjustment on the world economy, the development of the overall speed slow, global manufacturing competition to upgrade. Our country is faced with advanced technology in the developed countries and developing countries "two-way extrusion" low-cost competition. The second is a new industrial revolution and industrial revolution is now in the global rise. Smart, intelligent production factory, become a new round of the main attack direction in the industrial revolution and industrial revolution. Around the "lean design, lean management, intelligent manufacture" summit theme, reported 10 experts and entrepreneurs.
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