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Development Of Non-negative Pressure Water Equipment

Hangzhou Grand Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 17, 2015

No negative pressure water supply equipment is a direct connection with the municipal water supply network pressure water supply unit, negative pressure water equipment residual pressure in the municipal pipe network overlying water supply based on tandem and ensure that municipal pipe network pressure not less than the set pressure protection ( 0 can be relative pressure pressure pressure is called negative pressure is less than 0) secondary pressurized water supply equipment. Pipe network layers (no vacuum) water supply equipment is the core of the secondary pressurized water system operation how to prevent the negative pressure generated to eliminate the impact of plant operation on municipal pipe network, to ensure without affecting nearby water users to achieve safe, reliable, stable and continuous water supply.

No negative pressure water equipment has been called pipe network overlying water supply equipment, currently on the market are mainly tank negative pressure water equipment and no negative pressure water equipment box.

Development of overlying water supply technology was first developed by the Japanese from the mid-1980s, Japan had begun research in this regard, research is not limited to the technical level, but also to market demand, administrative and legal, urban high-rise discuss construction of water supply mode and other aspects also been launched. Direct water supply system has been included in the national policy documents Implementation in the Japanese Ministry of Health "for the 2l century water system rehabilitation and long-term goals and then constructed", the

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