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Burma Will Build Rubber In Light Cotton Trading Center

Hangzhou Grand Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2016

  “Burma Myawaddy” reported on October 11th,according to myanmar's ministry of commerce, the rubber is one of the most important export products ,in order to facilitate control of the quality and price of rubber, and provide convenience to Merchants Trading in Burma, the Ministry of Commerce and the rubber plantation Producers Association in the Mon Moulmein building a rubber trading center, and supporting the construction of the laboratory for product quality inspection, in order to export.By then, the rubber merchants only need to put the rubber to the sale and purchase of the station, by buying and selling stations according to the level of the auction system.

   Plans if successful, will also be in other rubber production area such as rocket reaches according to the provincial, solid province and Irrawaddy further promotion. Myanmar rubber is generally sell rubber juice made from rubber pieces before, and is divided into three grades, first class and second class for high quality rubber, rubber level 3 for a low level.

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