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V-Belt Problems And Solutions In Use Ⅲ

Source: | Updated: Jan 18, 2017

V-Belt Problems And Solutions In Use 


The possible reasons




V-belt flip

Wrong v-belt or pulley

Choose the right v-belt or pulley

Pulley center no alignment

Check and re-align pulley

Pulley groove serious wear and tear

Replace the pulley

The tension is too low

Check and adjust the tension

Vibration is too large

Using transmission belt tensioning pulley in loose edge

Foreign body into the pulley groove

Remove the foreign body, protect the transmission device



V - belt expansion or softening

Polluted by oil, solvents and other chemicals

To protect the transmission, avoid the pollution sources of pollution

Pulley groove wear or processing

Check and replace the pulley

A new belt and the old belt mixed used together

Replace with a new set of belt

Common V belt and special v belt mixed used together

Using the same kind of V belt

V-belt running vibration and acoustic noise

Transmission device overload

Check the transmission device and design again

Center distance is greater than the recommended distance

Reduce the center distance, at the edge of the drive to send using the idler

High impact load

Using banded v-belt or idler

Pulley imbalance

Test and adjust the belt pulley for balance

V-belt tension is too big or too small

Check for tension and readjustment




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