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V-belt problems and solutions in use

Source: | Updated: Dec 14, 2016

Problems and solutions

Problem    The possible reasons            Solution




fracture belt,torn apart

Installed too close, tension is too large to cause line damage

No tension according to the  

 instructions for installation, 

ensure the correct  tension

A foreign body in the process of operationCheck whether the install shield, if not installed, needs to be installed
The transmission  system stuck

Check device wiring and


Transmission  systemdesign 

index is low, v-belt quantity is 

not  enough

Check the system, to determine the 

related indicators

The unreasonable installation, 

direct device prizing, damage the skeleton material

Follow the instructions to make

 reasonable installation requirements

Mix of old and new V beltReplace with a new set of V belt

Common V belt and toughened 

V belt mixed use

Use the same kind of V belt

V belt

edge of

excessive wear

The tension is too lowCheck and adjust the tension
V belt is too wide or too narrowCheck the V belt and pulley compatibility or replace pulley
Starting torque is too wideCheck the transmission case, restart
Pulley groove wearReplace the pulley
The pulley is not alignedCheck and align pulley
Pulley Angle is wrongProcessing or replace the pulley
V-belt contact with other objectsRemove the object and do the corresponding clean protection
V belt bottom has excessive useReplace the V belt

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