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Pump Vibration Cause

Source:Pump Vibration Cause | Updated: Jul 17, 2015

Shanghai pump to pump vibration cause analysis as follows:

Vibration Causes pump unit and pump causes vibration of large buildings, both contact and interaction among several factors, summed up in the following four reasons.

1, the electrical aspects:

Motor is the main equipment of the unit, offset unbalanced magnetic force inside the motor and other electrical systems, often caused by a submersible pump vibration and noise. As asynchronous motor running, between the stator and rotor by the stator and rotor teeth harmonic flux generated by the interaction of radial alternating magnetic pull, or large synchronous motors in operation, will be the center of the rotor magnetic air gap inconsistency or difference in each direction exceeds the allowable deviation, etc., may cause the motor to vibrate and make noise periodically.

2, the mechanical aspects:

Motor and pump rotating unbalanced component quality, shoddy, poor quality of the installation, the axis of the asymmetric unit, swing exceeds the allowable value, the poor mechanical strength and stiffness of parts, bearing and seal parts to wear and tear, as well as the emergence of critical speed pump unit have been caused by the natural frequency of resonance, it will have a strong vibration and noise.

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