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Pump using polymer composite materials

Source:Pump using polymer composite materials | Updated: Jul 17, 2015

n Shanghai pump operation, the pump flow of water is affected with the runner and the pump impeller surface friction and viscosity of the water body, the energy consumed by the pump is mainly used against friction and eddy flow resistance of the water surface. Energy (head loss) of water consumed in the flow process is used to overcome the friction and internal friction of water and equipment interface. If the pump impeller smooth surface (this surface is called hydraulic smooth surface) surface with little resistance.

Energy consumption is small, the water pump and impeller flow surface coating polymer composite material to surface water smooth surface, ultra-smooth surface coating surface finish is 20 times through polished stainless steel, extremely smooth surface of this reduction stratified fluid within the pump, thereby reducing internal pump turbulence, reducing the volume of losses and the pump hydraulic loss and reduce power consumption. To reduce flow resistance loss of purpose, to improve hydraulic efficiency of the pump, while a certain extent, but also improve the mechanical efficiency and volumetric efficiency. Dense molecular structure of the coating, can be isolated from contact with the air, water and other media and pump impeller base material to minimize corrosion and electrochemical corrosion. Further, the polymer substance is a polymer composite material having chemical resistance, corrosion resistance can be improved pump, the pump can greatly enhance the erosion resistance and corrosion resistance.

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