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Pump industry by technological innovation to accelerate the transformation of Dongfeng

Source:Pump industry by technological innovation to accelerate the transformation of Dongfeng | Updated: Jul 17, 2015

When the financial crisis sweeping the globe, as the main force of export of agricultural pumps, low-cost competitive advantage, swept the overseas markets, but this advantage for how long? In this regard, Hebei Province Quality Supervision, Inspection and pump station Jiming Zhu believes that irrigation pump manufacturers should accelerate the pace of technological innovation, the shift from cost-competitive technology research and development type enterprise to enhance the core competitiveness of the entire industry. The apparent gap between

China's pump industry late, started in the 1960s, agricultural pumps and industrial pumps into two categories, mainly in agricultural irrigation pump-based, such as centrifugal pumps, Francis pumps, axial flow pump, the long axis deep well pump, submersible pumps, industrial pumps, pump impurities mainly based. With the progress of science and technology, discipline and constantly refined, derived from a variety derived series products, such as pipeline pumps, sewage pumps, sewage pump, pump and so on. When the planned economy, the state to cultivate a large number of medium-sized state-owned enterprises, they still play a significant role in the industry, such as water pump factory in Shijiazhuang, Changsha Pump factory.

Compared with Western Pump, China's pump manufacturing both advantages and there are some gaps.

Low-cost competitive advantage China Pumps. Wage labor in China than in the West at least $ 3 per day. Most companies recruit workers, factory workers dormitory is from other rural areas, in order to reduce costs. Companies leasing plant or plant construction costs are lower than in Western countries and build factories. Again, Chinese construction, petroleum, petrochemical, environmental protection market growth and major water diversion project has become an important pillar of China's pump development, we can say, China's growing market space is to maintain the advantages of China Pump prerequisites.

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