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Promised Suction Pump equipment

Source:Promised Suction Pump equipment | Updated: Jul 17, 2015

Inlet pipe against the flow direction of the horizontal segment in contact with the pump device applications fell more than 0.5 percent of the slope at one end adjacent to the pump equipment imports is the highest, do not completely level. .8, Η = 0.6 optional flange is generally classified according to caliber. Together for oil depots, refineries, chemical industry, transport oil and flammable liquids, temperature ℃, medium density plkg /. Usually refers to the parameter values specified sample product catalog. Single-suction multi-stage: a plurality of impellers, the first one suction impeller imports, the first impeller chamber to the second row of suction impeller imports, and so on. Note: The press is type the amount of diameter should be / h, caliber should / h flow rate. Cause sewage pump water suction device not too big, some deep water, some water relatively flat terrain at the periphery, while ignoring the promise suction pump device, which can cause water-absorbing little or no water foundation suction effect. pa, if inhaled in large pressure pa, and is 8 mian selected, the system pressure will cross. d, open the cover or opening the exhaust valve to drain the air. This greatly under both scenarios are correct. The reason may occur: a, flow the New Year night, overload operation. e, motor overload fever run. Common centrifugal are there? A: is type, type, a type, sh (double suction), d type, l-type, tswa type, h-type Francis, corrosion, f-type, f-type, fs type, y-type, yw-diving, fy oil. In regard: is the use of asbestos centrifugal leakage serious, and isg type mechanical, without leakage. The first strange structure even without removing the system, as long as the cap nut can be removed for maintenance, repair is extremely convenient. Common installation style? Vertical and horizontal (high pressure submersible pumps and high-pressure submersible electric motor supply voltage is 3000v, or higher voltage 6000v. Power is generally 300 ~ 400kw and above, until 3000kw or more large, as qksc Mine, Wells submersible pumps high pressure strider, yqsg type wells with submersible water-filled high-voltage electric concept Excellence

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