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No negative pressure water supply equipment Application

Source:No negative pressure water supply equipment Application | Updated: Jul 17, 2015

No negative pressure water equipment is developed on the basis of the traditional constant pressure water supply system based on a new water supply, it is not a water pump, a simple combination of pipe valves, tanks and control cabinet, but the set of mechanical, electronic, information, Automation technology as one of high-tech products. With the further development of the concept of negative pressure water, a growing number of research institutes and manufacturing enterprises to non-vacuum technology in-depth study, and made more fruitful results.

In the domestic non-vacuum technique analyzed according to the market without negative pressure water supply equipment existing works, no negative pressure water supply system is mainly composed of frequency control pump unit, the steady flow compensation, vacuum suppressors, pressure and flow sensors, pre- pressure from the balancer, control cabinet, filter, backflow prevention devices and other equipment. According to its realization no negative features different works can be roughly divided into the following forms:

(A) steady flow compensator and vacuum suppressor control mode: When the municipal pipe network or user inadequate water supply is greater than the municipal water supply pipe network capacity, the vacuum suppressors open, air enters the steady flow compensator, so that the original closure compensation is changed to break tank, suppress negative pressure generating another set level control in the steady flow compensation, when lower than low, the pump stops working.

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