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Management system self-test to improve fire pumps regard

Source:Management system self-test to improve fire pumps regard | Updated: Jul 17, 2015

Self-test routine way to detect fire pump fire water supply system provides a method. In the fire pump self-test, not only prevents rust stuck fire pump, but also for motor overload, short circuit, over voltage, phase, voltage, overheating make alarm. Management system self-test to improve fire pumps regarded as a technological advancement.

In the two kinds of fire pump self-test mode, it can reflect the self-test to maintain the role of fire pumps, but low self-test mode operation of the fire pump start only in a preliminary stage, the future can not fully reflect the actual operation of fire pumps working conditions. In addition, the results of the fire pump self-test feedback to the fire control center, the need to manually make further judgments. Fire pump self-test mode it can not completely replace the artificial maintenance of the fire pump.

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