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How to determine whether the fire pump

Source:How to determine whether the fire pump | Updated: Jul 17, 2015

From acquisition and control the angle of fire pump start signal, the design of the main fire pumps There are two ways to switch the primary backup. The key is to control the signal source selection, it can be divided into current signal control method and the pressure signal control method. Usually the main fire pump spare pump required spare each way by design.

Current signal control methods are now commonly used in fire safety design method main fire pump spare switching. It is through the pump motor current feedback signal to determine whether the fire pump. When the electrical short-circuit (power off), the current is too large, the power supply automatically switches to another motor pump unit, the first fire pump to stop working, start another fire pump work.

Pressure signal control method is to set the power node pressure gauge on the fire pump water mains, as shown in Figure 1, the main fire pump spare switching signal by the pressure gauge to judge. When the fire pump control box operation instruction received immediately start any fire pump, if the pressure gauge electrical fire pump node indicated after work failed to reach the set pressure value, the control box will automatically switch to another station fire pump, start working.

Of course, the principle of electrical fire pump control can be specified in one fire pump main pump or standby pump. Current signal control method adopted in the current domestic earliest, the largest and the pressure signal control method in foreign countries began using automatic sprinkler system, the pressure signal control method for the automatic control fire water system to provide a reliable way.

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