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Domestic pumps Enterprise "three pillars"

Source:Domestic pumps Enterprise "three pillars" | Updated: Jul 17, 2015

Domestic pump industry, the company is currently in the "three pillars" of the state, that of private enterprises, state-owned enterprises, foreign investment and joint ventures. Because of the institutional advantages of private enterprises, develop more rapidly, but the technical level is generally not high; state-owned enterprises due to policy and equipment advantages, plus the relevant product market monopoly for a place temporarily, due to institutional, historical, ideological and other reasons can not be long; foreign and JV relatively high level of technology, new ideas, advanced management system, the development of rapid, future prospects immeasurably.

First, high efficiency, environmental protection, energy conservation;

Environmental protection is the theme of today's world, to improve the efficiency of the pump, reducing pump energy consumption is on every domestic pump manufacturer's requirements. Even if the production practice no technical support, it should also be thought of as a research and development project. Saving not only recognized as the traditional concept of efficiency indicators, but to reduce consumption during pumping of the total lifetime cost within.

Second, the strict implementation of advanced foreign standards and national targets;

Take for example petrochemical pumps, to ensure product quality and reliability, use of the product units require manufacturers to strictly implement the relevant foreign advanced standards and domestic indicators, otherwise the unit will refuse to purchase, the current procurement principles has been the market generally recognized performance standards are generally expressed in the contract agreement.

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