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CRIA hose tape ninth branch of the first member of Congress and the 2016 hose tape information and Technology Forum

Source: | Updated: Sep 26, 2016


Hose tape chapter eighth's new council presidency is full in September 2016 for three years, according to the relevant provisions of the articles of association of China rubber industry association rubber tape section on September 20, 2016-22 in the crowne plaza hangzhou xanadu transition for the new council appointment, and hosted the 2016 hose tape information and technology BBS.

The theme of this BBS: innovative smart new development

2016 was the start of the implementation of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning, is also important to push forward the reform of the supply side in China for a year. Look from the international, the global economic recovery, the world economy situation is not optimistic; Domestically, the excess capacity of structural contradictions become more prominent, hose tape industry is in the market demand is not prosperous, export resistance increase, enterprise profits down the new normal. How industry under the new normal, in the face of pressure, cope with challenges, and explore a way out, continue to maintain the common interests of industry and enterprise, industry smooth, healthy and sustainable development goals. This BBS emphasis on intelligence, innovation, upgrading, green development, increase scientific and technological innovation, operation mode innovation; Adjust the product structure; Improve enterprise intelligent development level. At the same time, also for the rubber tape and its upstream and downstream industry set up a technology and information exchange platform, promote new technology, new products, new technology popularization and application.

Main content of the meeting



Hose tape branch of the 9th a member representative assembly


Hose tape chapter eighth's new council work report


Confirmed by the ninth unit, vice director of the unit and the director and deputy director


Confirmed by the ninth member and director


The ninth council work idea and arrangement


2016 hose tape information and technology BBS


Under the new normal, the present situation and development of rubber industry in China


The intelligent manufacturing hose tape industry in China


In 2015-2016 the adhesive tape, rubber hose, import and export situation analysis in our country


Hose tape the current running situation and main downstream industry, the situation analysis and development Suggestions


Under the condition of different industrial and mining the coal quantity and the service life of all kinds of conveyor belt


New polymer materials in the modern rubber tape technology application and prospect


Under the current circumstances, coal enterprises improve requirements for conveyor belt and expectation to the development of the conveyor belt


Mainland plastic company in recent years, the development of new technologies and new product application effect is analyzed


Coal mining in the process of transformation, to meet the requirements of the conveyor belt and energy saving


About the tape drive new requirements for automobiles and general industrial belt and the belt for the future development direction


The car makers to the requirements of automotive rubber hose and its development trend in the future


The new trend of belt international standardization technology


Rubber hose industry in China to meet the demand of the development of the auto industry should really do some homework


Japan's mitsui chemical applications of new softener EPDM products


Offshore mooring hose manufacturing is introduced


The application of ultra high strength steel wire rope and promotion


Green environmental protection for the application of new materials in the rubber tape


Rubber hose, rubber and related products formula is introduced


Hose tape relevant international standards and advanced foreign standard assembly (8)


Hose tape technical papers at home and abroad


New material, new equipment, new technology information release

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