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Classical V-Belts

Source: | Updated: Oct 15, 2016

Basic Info.

Model NO.:Z,A,B,C,D,EType:Transmission Belt
Feature:Wear-resistant, Heat-resistant, Tear-resistant, Cold-resistant, High Transmission EfficiencyUsage:Power Transmission
Performance:Strong Rubber Transmission BeltPackage:Carton or Bags, at Your Requirement
Specification:ISO9001: 2008; SGS;Trademark:ZhongLiang
Origin:ChinaHS Code:40103900
Production Capacity:2, 300, 000 PCS/Year; 100million RMB / Year

Product Description

The strength layer adopts polyester thread robe and the encased fabric adopts high wear-resistance material. It has the advantages of high strength, low elongation, stable length, flexing resistance, fatigue resistance and long life.

Our product advantage:
1, complete and numerous equipment make us have a strong production capacity ,which make delivery time short, guarantee timely delivery ;
2, strict raw materials ,semi-finished products and finished products inspection system ensure the product quality.
3, supplying for more than 80% domestic manufacturers for a long time. So the product quality and stability is recognised by the market;
4, we have their own research and development team, make us design new products for you be possible.
5, with the production increase year by year, the cost will be much lower.

Belt installation and maintenance instructions
1, selecting the right size
Select the similar type belts as original mechanical models, otherwise the belt will fall out of the groove or appear some abnormal circumstances. When purchase new belt, you'd better bring the old belt together, in case the specifications Model mistake.
2, properly installed
Before installation, shorten the center distance first if the shafts center distance is adjustable , then adjust the center distance ; if two-shafts center distance is not adjustable, you need to put one side of the belt into the round slot first, and then run the pulley install the other side. Avoid Installing with tools or violent drag in case of the phenomenon of too loose or too tight.
3, to prevent channeling
You should keep the center of the two pulleys be aligning when you installed ,in case reducing the belt life because of serious unilateral wear.
4, suitable tightness
Tightness of the belt should be check regularly in order to keep proper tightness. A new belt will elongate to a certain extent ,so we need adjust the tightness timely. Avoiding non-semi-linkage operation ,when loosed,belt will slippery and wear ; when tension , belt will elongation and much easier to damage,besides,this will accelerate wear for engine bearings and clutch due to excessive force. The correct way to check is: applying vertical pressure of 2 kg in the middle belt sinking 20-30 mm distance is appropriate.
5, do not mix old with new belt
When one of the double more belts needs to be replaced, please use the same size and tightness belt and avoid mixing old belts with new. Otherwise, belts force will be uneven or even does not work and influence belts life.
6, away from oil pollution
In order to extend belts life ,please keep them away from oil and mud, avoid contacting with acid and other corrosive substances to prevent belt slippage and premature corrosion damage.
7, routine maintenance
machine users should master the correct operation while driving, avoid fierce start and braking; also need to avoid overload operation.Besides you need remove the belt from machinery when long time not use, and store them separately.

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