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Aquarium of ABC's Pump Selection

Source:Aquarium of ABC's Pump Selection | Updated: Jul 17, 2015

We all know that fish tank pumps must be used, but also because many people often choose pumps fret, because the choice of a suitable pump driven not only good fish tank water cycle but also save a lot of unnecessary energy consumption.

Pump is to transport liquid or pressurized liquid machinery.

Pump Selection Factors to be covered: power, flow, head, quality.

Power: The unit of time, the machine size is called acting power in kilowatts.

Traffic: Also known as the quantity of water, it is the number of pumps deliver water in a unit of time, in units of liters / sec, m / s, m / h.

Head: is able to raise the height of the water pump, the unit is meters.

Quality: the poor quality of the water pump will be noisy, partially rusted metal, wire cracking, do not work and other problems, there is a big security risk, so the choice of the pump when we must choose some good reputation, reputable brand, not simply to save money and buy some of the poor quality of the water pump.

The relationship between the various parts

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