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Analysis of the current development of the water pump

Source:Analysis of the current development of the water pump | Updated: Jul 17, 2015

Economic development downturn, the worldwide foundry industry had a tremendous impact, but the exception is stainless steel pumps pump castings market Shanghai Asia remained a steady growth, especially of valve castings market, continue to maintain a strong growth momentum , the message says, China's stainless steel water pump castings market than the US market is 10%, which is four times the Japanese market.

A huge market of casting, casting industry want powerful, eating a piece of cake inseparable huge raise the level of mechanization and improve productivity level of the machine, to break the international monopoly on technology, research and development of its core technology, the international standard penetration In every aspect of the factory.

Our stainless steel pumps are die-casting a big country, but in the level of production technology and equipment industry has to be raised, five-year plan made clear that the main task of the development of the foundry industry are: priority to the development of major technical equipment, including "large tonnage die-casting machine casting unit "goal is to provide equipment support for the die-casting business technology upgrades. Development of stainless steel pumps casting technology equipment, die-casting machinery and equipment will help to improve the level, thereby improving casting quality and technical level, to promote the casting industry. The Government has issued a series of policies, and vigorously support the development of domestic die-casting industry, such as the government of new projects on the die-casting in the administrative examination and approval, simplify procedures, reduce the links, the implementation of the smooth type of service; in line with the industrial policy of the development of die-casting company , especially in the recycling economy, safety, made significant achievements in production and energy efficiency, environmental clean government provided tax benefits in the tax system, reduce the burden on enterprises, promote stainless steel pumps enterprise development; in addition, the government in this area of financial institutions macro-control, encourage and support local die-casting business financing and loans.

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